Protect What Matters

Feeling Like You Aren’t in Control is No Fun


Life will surprise us with challenges that jeopardize our legacy savings and assets.


If you don’t plan wisely, you may not be able to fulfill your wishes.


Time is running out to secure your legacy.

The Problem

Many risks can affect or deplete our legacy assets, and not all of them can be predicted or prevented. Many people want to leave a legacy for their loved ones and their cherished causes, but they face many obstacles in safeguarding what matters to them. The obstacles include lawsuits, taxes, inflation, health care, and down markets. They are worried and need some guidance on how to protect their intentions and legacy.

If this resonates with you, I understand how you feel. A lot of people who seek my help have the same concern. They are not sure which estate planning products and strategies are best for their situation. I help them by recommending practical estate planning solutions they can use.

The Solution

Life can surprise us with unexpected challenges that may jeopardize our assets and savings. If you do not plan your estate wisely, you may not be able to fulfill your wishes. And time is running out to secure your legacy!

My clients also face these challenges. But they have a proper estate plan that protects their assets and savings. Their plan helps them to minimize the effects of market fluctuations, inflation, lawsuits, and other risks. They are more confident about their legacy.

Act now before you miss your chance! Let’s get this started today, so you can feel more certain you will be able to “Protect What Matters.”

Simple Path to Improve Your Financial Condition

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Step 1:

Select a Consultation Service

My services are designed to be flexible and meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a basic evaluation, help with a key area of your finances, or comprehensive financial planning, you'll find it here.

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Step 2:

Understand Your Real Financial Condition

Working together we will determine your financial needs. We’ll assess what is effective or problematic, and what is hindering your progress. With a clear understanding of your financial condition, you can make smarter choices.

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Step 3:

Plan a Better Future

Getting the knowledge and guidance you need from a financial professional is an investment in your security and hope for the future. And it’s not just for you, but for the people who depend on you.

David Roberts - Financial Planner and Advisor of Plan For Your Goals

David Roberts, Owner: Plan For Your Goals

You Deserve a Better Future

Affordable financial advice with flexible options that fit into your tight schedule can be difficult to find. That's why so many people struggle to make smart money decisions. At Plan For Your Goals my clients get the financial planning, coaching, and resources they need to make better decisions and plan a better future.