Strike a Balance

Feeling Stressed is No Fun


Life will always surprise you with unexpected challenges.


Without a sensible plan everything can be ruined.


You only have so much time to prepare.

The Problem

It’s hard to balance the present AND the future in today’s world. Many people are stressed out by the demands of their daily lives and the goals they have for their savings. They hope to have a secure retirement, a cushion for emergencies, and a way to help their family members if necessary. But life is full of difficulties that make it hard to achieve these things. They could use some guidance.

And if that’s you, you’re not alone. A lot of people who seek my help struggle in this way because their financial and personal goals are unclear, and they lack a realistic strategy for managing their money. I assist them by creating a practical plan that they can follow.

The Solution

Life will always surprise you with unexpected challenges. And that can ruin everything if you don’t have a sensible plan to deal with them. And the truth is, you only have so much time to get ready!

Life’s difficulties and surprises affect my clients too. But they have a practical plan to guide and help them achieve the life balance they desire. A plan that helps them handle the current needs of life and pursue their financial goals.

Life is too short to put this off! Let’s get this started, so I can help you “Strike a Balance” in your life today.

Simple Path to Improve Your Financial Condition

Man checking financial status on his mobile

Step 1:

Select a Consultation Service

My services are designed to be flexible and meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a basic evaluation, help with a key area of your finances, or comprehensive financial planning, you'll find it here.

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Step 2:

Understand Your Real Financial Condition

Working together we will determine your financial needs. We’ll assess what is effective or problematic, and what is hindering your progress. With a clear understanding of your financial condition, you can make smarter choices.

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Step 3:

Plan a Better Future

Getting the knowledge and guidance you need from a financial professional is an investment in your security and hope for the future. And it’s not just for you, but for the people who depend on you.

David Roberts - Financial Planner and Advisor of Plan For Your Goals

David Roberts, Owner: Plan For Your Goals

You Deserve a Better Future

Affordable financial advice with flexible options that fit into your tight schedule can be difficult to find. That's why so many people struggle to make smart money decisions. At Plan For Your Goals my clients get the financial planning, coaching, and resources they need to make better decisions and plan a better future.