Understand Your Financial Condition

Feeling Overwhelmed is No Fun

Life isn’t slowing down or getting simpler.
Others in your household are depending on your decisions and resources.

You cannot afford to be wrong.

The Problem

Having a mix of financial products can be beneficial, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. It’s hard to know what your current financial situation looks like, how close you are to your goals, or how to make better choices with your money. Many people feel confused because they lack the time or knowledge to optimize their financial products or to evaluate their role in the big picture. They need some guidance.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many people who come to me for financial help feel this way, because they have collected financial products over time without a clear vision for the future. I help them to see and understand their whole financial condition, so they can make better choices with their money and plan a better way forward.

The Solution

Life isn’t slowing down or getting simpler. And there are others in your household who are depending on your assets and financial decisions. You cannot afford to be wrong!

My clients also face this challenge. But they have an Asset-Map™ Strategic Report that shows their entire financial holdings on one page. They can identify what they need, what’s out of place, and what is not helping them achieve their goals. With a clear view of their financial condition, they can make better choices.

Don’t put this off any longer! Get started today and let me help you improve your financial condition.

Simple Path to Improve Your Financial Condition

Man checking financial status on his mobile

Step 1:

Select a Consultation Service

My services are designed to be flexible and meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a basic evaluation, help with a key area of your finances, or comprehensive financial planning, you'll find it here.

Man checking financial status on his mobile

Step 2:

Understand Your Real Financial Condition

Working together we will determine your financial needs. We’ll assess what is effective or problematic, and what is hindering your progress. With a clear understanding of your financial condition, you can make smarter choices.

Man checking financial status on his mobile

Step 3:

Plan a Better Future

Getting the knowledge and guidance you need from a financial professional is an investment in your security and hope for the future. And it’s not just for you, but for the people who depend on you.

David Roberts - Financial Planner and Advisor of Plan For Your Goals

David Roberts, Owner: Plan For Your Goals

You Deserve a Better Future

Affordable financial advice with flexible options that fit into your tight schedule can be difficult to find. That's why so many people struggle to make smart money decisions. At Plan For Your Goals my clients get the financial planning, coaching, and resources they need to make better decisions and plan a better future.